Wednesday, March 21, 2012

$25 Two Week Challenge: Have a Potluck

This may seem like an odd post for how to make it on a $25 challenge, but I will explain why I think it is a good idea. When things are tight financially, it also effects you in other ways. If you have some friends over, and make something inexpensive that you can afford, you can also have other dishes that you don't get to eat often. Having friends lifts spirits, sharing with others helps you to feel good because you can give even on a tight budget and trying new dishes that they bring breaks the monotony of your own cooking. You can even just do a games night or watch a movie and have everyone bring a dessert or finger food. You can provide the popcorn. When the evening is done, split the leftovers and you can be reminded of the good times as you eat them in the future. Feeling the love and support of family and good friends helps weather the challenges when they come.

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