Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's For Dinner Tonight? Veggie Hoagies

I wanted to try something new today, so I made meatless meatballs. Recipes I looked at had a variety of ingredients, so I just did my own thing. I had some cooked rice in the fridge and added Parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, a couple of eggs, oregano, basil, dried chives, onion, garlic, pecans and bread crumbs. I threw things in depending on what I had on hand, so next time I am sure they won't taste the same. My teenage daughter loved them and didn't even know they didn't have meat in them. My husband loved them, too, and so did I. I made some marinara sauce and put the meatballs in it and we had them on homemade hoagie buns with lettuce and cheese. I love it when something turns out much better than you expect! I will use brown rice next time to get the proper protein complement.

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