Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simple Savings: Take Care of What You Have

We have become a more disposable society through time as we churn through things like clothes, food, tools, furniture, etc. Instead of throwing out so much, we could take better care of what we spend our money on. Take care of stains on clothes right away and think about wearing an apron when you cook. Use the food you buy before it spoils. Otherwise, you are wasting money and contributing more than you need to the excessive waste in our country. Instead of leaving your shovel or other tools outside, put them back where they belong. Don't let them rust and get worn down because of laziness. Empty vacuum bags regularly to keep your vacuum running well. Change your oil when you are supposed to. Taking care of basic things like the oil, can add years to your car. If you choose to eat in your car, clean it up and throw out the trash at the next stop on your vacation. If you put things where they belong, you won't have to worry about accidentally buying duplicates because you can't find yours. Taking care of what you have can make your things last longer so you won't have to replace them as often.

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  1. Reducing waste is one of our goals this year. I can not believe how much waste we have reduced just by taking inventory of what we have. I am definitely going to use some of your other tips to help reduce waste too!