Tuesday, February 28, 2012

$50 Weekly Grocery Challenge: Spent $49.60

I was a little embarrassed at the cash register today when I had to skip buying 2 things since I didn't want to go over the $50. I came a little close as you can see, but still stayed in my limit. I guess that's what I should expect when I go to the store twice with no list and just put things in the cart. It also didn't help that it was lunch time and I was hungry. I should have skipped the chips that were on sale, but everything else was healthy. I wanted some organic cottage cheese and organic feta cheese, but couldn't swing it this week after all. I have plenty of food to make it through the week and also stocked up on some pumpkin.

1st Trip:

Couscous 2.09
Tilamook Sour Cream 1.89
10 grain cereal 52 cents
Soft Wheat Berries 1.24
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour 1.03

Total for first Trip: $6.77

Hutterite Grown Potatoes 2.49
Horizon Organic Milk 1.99
Organic Strawberry and Raspberry Yogurt - Six @ 69 cents each
Organic Strawberries - reduced to 99 cents
Organic Blueberries - reduced to 99 cents
Farm Eggs 2.99
Organic Canned Pumpkin - Four @ 1.99 each
Tilamook Cheddar slices 2.69
Oranges 1.27
Lemons - Two @ 50 cents each
Organic Red Peppers - reduced to 99 cents
Organic Mango - reduced to 99 cents
Tomatoes 2.03
Organic Ground Beef 5.73
Tilamook Shredded Cheese 2.39
Organic Bananas 1.22
Avocados - Two @ 99 cents each
Tortilla Chips - 99 cents

2nd Trip - Spent $42.83

How did you do this week? Did you stay in your budget or get some good deals? Link up and share!

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  1. You always do so well. I wouldn't sweat the chips. Everything looks yummy and healthy!