Wednesday, February 15, 2012

$50 Weekly Grocery Challenge - Spent $49.10 Total

I went this morning to get a few things before I had an appointment, but didn't have time to get everything. They didn't have some of the things I wanted and some things were overpriced so I am looking elsewhere. I bought the following:

Couscous 99 cents
Curry powder 27 cents
Cumin seed ground 16 cents
Cumin seed whole 15 cents
Masala Garum 46 cents
Serrano pepper 6 cents - they didn't have red bonnet or habanero peppers
Green onions 50 cents
Organic Bananas 86 cents
Omega Eggs - 2.49
Roma Tomatoes 80 cents
Organic skim milk 3.69
Italian shredded cheese - Two @ 2.39 each
Shredded Co-jack cheese 2.39
Organic Feta Cheese 3.99
Hot Mama Salsa - 4.69 (made local - this was a splurge; hopefully the much better taste will help my teenage daugter be able to deal with the Black bean-butternut squash quesadillas)
Organic carrots - 1.19
Black beans 89 cents
Olives - sliced 93 cents
Red onion 38 cents
Bag of Spinach 1.99
Cilantro 59 cents

Total: $33.24 so far...

I will try to get a picture up later.

2nd trip:

Sunflower seeds 69 cents
Brown Mustard seed 6 cents
6 Organic Kiwis 1.50
Canned tomatoes Free with coupon
Deli Roast Beef 4 cents (I had a 3.00 coupon)
Tropicana Orange Juice 3.00
Organic apples 6.64
Organic Romaine Lettuce 1.89

2nd trip total: $15.86

How did you do this week? Did you stay in your budget or get some great deals? Link up and share!

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