Monday, November 21, 2011

Name Brand vs Store Brand: Apple Pie Filling

We tested three different Apple Pie Filling brands: Kroger, Great Value, and the name brand, Wilderness.

Here is the cost of each brand:

  • Kroger: $1.99
  • Great Value: $2.14
  • Wilderness: $3.00
We did a blind taste test, and the only difference we could detect is that one (Great Value) tasted like it had more cinnamon than the others. So, if you are going to get apple pie filling, go for Kroger! You pay less, and the taste is comparable.

Of course, there is always the option to make homemade pie filling, which tastes much better. There are so many different recipes for apple pie filling, all with different variations of spices, so you can really make it taste just the way you like it! If you get the apples for free, it is also a very cost effective, too!

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