Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conquer Clutter: Use It Up!

As I was cleaning out our fridge and cupboards recently, I saw that there were some dressings and condiments and a few opened and partially used food items around that needed to be used up. I have used up most of them except for a small bag of black beans. Do you have anything around the kitchen or bathroom that is partially used? Do you have more soap and shampoo in your tub than you really need? Challenge yourself to use up duplicates and keep a minimal amount of things in the bath/shower. Do you have little bottles of shampoo or hand lotion from hotels? Donate them to a shelter or use them up. When I have dressings that need to be used, I will get boneless chicken breasts and just dump the rest of the bottle of dressing that needs to be used over it and bake until it is done. It gives the chicken flavor and I don't waste the dressing. With condiments, I will try and make some baked beans and use a mixture of different condiments that seem palatable. Before going out and buying new stuff, see what you have and use it up first. In the past, I have purchased men's body wash and shampoo for my husband. I would also buy things with fragrance for me. It makes more bottles in our bath tub. Now, I am moving towards just having liquid soap and shampoo that both of us can use. I like the liquid soap because it doesn't leave the film that hard soap leaves, so it is easier to clean the tub. It is easier to clean when you have less (2 bottles as opposed to 4) to move around while you clean.

What are some things you do to use up what you have? How have you tried to simplify things in your cupboards, fridge and bathroom?

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