Wednesday, November 16, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $46.15

I couldn't believe how the prices have gone up this past week in our local grocery store. I asked one of the clerks about it and it sounds like they raised the prices before Thanksgiving. That just doesn't seem right. Anyway, I ended up paying almost twice as much for several things that I have bought recently. I wanted to get my shopping done, so I just went ahead and bought them anyway. I bought some organics, but I seriously was asking myself if it was even worth it because they are SO expensive. Luckily, I didn't need a lot of things so I still was able to stay in my budget. Here is what I bought:

Italian Dressing 1.17 (2)
Avacado 99 cents
Cilantro 59 cents
Tomatoes on the Vine 1.00
Bananas 1.08
Organic Romaine Hearts 2.99
Organic Red lentils 2.55
Organic Lentils 3.12
Organic Black Beans 4.80 (almost 5 lbs)
Organic Pinto Beans 5.56 (almost 5 lbs)
Organic Potatoes 5 lbs. 4.99
Simply Orange Juice 3.99
Tilamook Italian Shredded cheese 2.39
Farm Eggs 2.99
Tilamook sliced Med. Cheddar 2.50
Organic Gala Apples 4.28 (about 2 lbs.)

I don't feel like I got much for the money I spent, but my shopping is done for the week and I can put it behind me.

Did you stay in your budget? Did you get any great deals? Link up and share!

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