Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simple Pleasure: Homemade Tortillas

I made homemade tortillas today since they just sounded yummy. Our family likes them so much, even if they are plain. And, I can make a dozen in a half an hour. Some people may not think they are worth the trouble, but I like the taste so much better that it is worth it to me. I also love homemade bread and wouldn't buy inexpensive bread instead because homemade taste so much better in my mind. I know everyone doesn't share my opinion on this, and it is great that we can all do what we want. My youngest daughter loves to make a cheese quesadilla every time we have these. She will be excited to have them when she gets home from school. They roll out and are easier to work and turn out better if you use shortening, but you can use oil if you want to.

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