Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Fruit - Yum!

While I was going on a short walk today, I saw some things on the sidewalk that looked like squashed fruit. My chihuahua decided to do her business there, so while I waited I looked around and there in front of me was this little plum tree. I walked that route many times, but never even noticed it. I called the owner of the property and asked if I could pick the plums to make some jam if they weren't going to use them. She gave me permission and so I went and picked them. When I got home, I tasted one and it was SO good that I don't think they will end up as jam. I think we will just eat them fresh. I won't have to buy hardly any fruit this week! We have some apples from our tree that I need to pick too, and I still have some crab apples that I am making into applesauce. As I finished my walk home, I noticed that there were several trees with apples and crab apples just going to waste. I have plenty for us, but it is too bad someone can't use them who may be struggling to make ends meet.

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