Thursday, October 6, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $48.69

I just realized that they charged me almost twice as much as the shelf price for the cranberry juice. I hate it when you find that out after you are home. The total kept me still in my budget so I didn't bother to look. I was busy bagging my groceries. That will teach me a lesson for the future to be more careful and save the bagging until the groceries are paid for.

I ended up spending money on a lot of ingredients for a white bean chili for a friend that is sick. It wasn't on my menu, but I thought she would like it.

Breakdown: Albertson's 21.26

Chocolate chips were 1.49 each (2)
Tilamook cheese was 1.50 each (6)
Cake mixes were 68 cents each (2)
Sugar was 2.49 each (2)
Soup - Campbell's was 50 cents each (6)

Town and Country - Total $27.43

Apples 1.91
Cranberry Juice 6.05
Chicken Broth 89 cents each (2)
Butter 2.49 each (2)
Cumin 2.05
Whipping Cream 1.19
Yogurt 33 cents
Great Northern Beans 79 cents each (4)
Green Chilies 65 cents each (4)
Bananas 80 cents
Cilantro 59 cents
Omega Eggs 1.99

I have a busy day, so I am trying to get this done as soon as possible. Sorry I didn't get it done yesterday. It has been a very busy week.

How was your shopping? Did you get some great deals or stay in your budget? Link up and share!

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