Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simple Savings: Breakfast

I don't like going out for breakfast because it is so inexpensive to make at home. Have you ever calculated how much it costs per serving for your breakfast? You may be surprised to find out that eggs may end up being cheaper than your cold cereal. I recently bought 25 pounds of oats which came out to about 6 cents per 1/2 cup. There are no preservatives or colorings added to it either. And, no time spent looking for or printing off coupons. In the Tightwad Gazette, they did a comparison of different breakfast items. It is an older book, and prices have gone up, but I bet if you were to do the same comparison, the results would be the same. Making your own breakfast almost always beats buying cold cereal.

Example: my 1/2 cup oats costs 6 cents

Even though I might buy cereal and get it at 50 percent off, it still costs more than eating oats. Don't focus on what you save, but focus on what you spend.

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