Thursday, September 29, 2011

Canning - Is It Worth It?

I have spent the last week doing some canning. Every time I am in the middle of it, I ask myself if it is really worth it. When it is all over, it is always worth it! What are the pros and cons of canning?

1. Do you really save money? It all depends on if you get the fruit or veggies free or if you have to buy them. If you do buy the fruit, try to get it at the peak of the season when prices are very low. Another thing to think about is that you would have to pay prices for organic produce if you compare it to what you have at home. If the produce is free, you definitely save money. If you get produce at a great price, you probably still do save money. If you buy produce that isn't on a great sale, you may or may not save anything.

2. I know what I am eating when I can it myself. If I buy it at the store, it may have preservatives or may be made from low quality produce. I know I get all the worms out when I can applesauce. I don't know that for sure when I buy it.

3. It tastes better. No one can contest this one. You will never want to buy peaches again once you have tasted home canned peaches.

4. It is a good skill to know. There may come a time when you have to preserve your own food. It is good to know how to do it. There is also a good feeling when you can see the fruits of your labors, no pun intended!

5. You gain a greater sense of appreciation for what you eat especially if you grow it yourself and have to pick it, wash it, prepare it and can it. There is just something about being involved in the process that you feel a great sense of appreciation for what you have.

6. It takes time. Yes, I agree. But, it is a good family activity that everyone can participate in and teach them at the same time. One of our kids just loves to use the magnet for the lids and get them out of the hot water and onto the jars.

So, is it worth it? Ask me when I am sitting down eating a piece of homemade bread with homemade raspberry jam. It is one of the simple pleasure in life and you feel satisfied knowing that you were able to make it yourself.

Do you have any great canning recipes? Do you think it is worth it to can produce? Link up and let us know!

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