Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Savings: Portion Control and Snacks

It is easy to overeat, especially when food tastes good.  Figure out and eat proper portion sizes to save yourself money.  If you have kids, find out how much is an appropriate amount for them to eat.  Doing this will be better for your health and your budget. 

I don't eat too much at meals, but I do like to snack.  I have been trying to curb this habit lately and it is working and I feel much better and am even losing weight.  It is easy to eat more calories than you need by snacking.  If you have a problem with snacking, plan specific snacks in your menu as well as meals.  Try drinking a glass of water before you eat something.  Maybe you think you are hungry, but your body is just thirsty.  If you don't want to give up snacking whenever you want, make better choices by trying to snack on low calorie foods like carrots, celery, grapes, etc. 

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