Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Savings - Saving money on books

Instead of buying books, go to a book store and write down a list of the books you are interested in.  Call or go to the library and see if they have them and if they don't, see if they can get them through inter-library loan.  If you like having your own books, and don't want to use the library, consider going to garage sales and purchasing them for 25 cents or less.  See if there is a bookstore in town that will buy back used books and use the credit towards getting books you want.  You can also sell your books online for cash or through and get credit or cash.  If you are willing to pay shipping, you can swap them for others you want.  If you need textbooks, take a few minutes to see if you can find a cheaper copy online or ask your professor if you can use older editions or borrow an extra one from him/her.  Maybe you have a friend that has just taken the class that you can swap with or borrow from.  You might even be able to check it out from the library.

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