Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All You Grocery Challenge - Week 3 Spent $91.83

5-Jul 0.54 Walmart - they sent me a free $5 gift card for some reason
7-Jul 1.09 Albertsons - Used coupons from catalina machine
7-Jul 2.11 Smith's - 25 dollars in free groceries w/ transferred prescription
7-Jul 3.61 Rosauers
8-Jul 12.88 Safeway - bought 8 peanut butters, etc.
9-Jul 28.57 Santa Fe Red's eating out - 24.32 + 4.25 tip
9-Jul 4.oo IGA - produce
10-Jul 17.85 Pickle Barrel - Amy chose after a long morning of garage sales
10-Jul 18.41 Town and Country - mainly produce and dairy
10-Jul 0.98 2 pkgs. Crackers w/ coupons
10-Jul 1.79 Split chili w/ onions and cheese at Wendy's for a date at a quiet place


I stayed within the right amount this week, even with going out to eat. We had a coupon for Famous Dave's that they didn't take here. I was planning on feeding all
of us for only $15, but because it didn't work and the kids were already looking forward to going out, I didn't have the heart to say no. We went to a Mexican place and had the cheapest thing on the menu - the all you can eat taco bar. Everyone was so full from lunch that they weren't too hungry for dinner. I let Amy choose where she wanted to go to lunch on Saturday, since I dragged her around to garage sales all morning. I thought it would be a 4 dollar taco trip or a 5 dollar Subway sandwich, but of course she chose one of the most expensive and yummy sandwich places in town. We still made it in our $100 and that is what matters. We made the best of a situation where we couldn't use the coupon and we all enjoyed being together which is the most important thing.

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