Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All You Grocery Challenge - Week 3 menu


4-Jul Fast Sunday for Church

5-Jul Cold cereal, leftover coffee cake,
orange juice/grapefruit juice, bananas

6-Jul blueberry muffins, fresh pineapple,
yoplait custard style yogurt

7-Jul omletes, hash browns, orange juice,
a couple of leftover muffins,
1/2 banana per person

8-Jul french toast, cottage cheese,
mango, 1/2 banana each

9-Jul cold cereal, bananas, cranberry juice

10-Jul cold cereal, bananas


Sunday: Grilled steak, chicken, brats
potato salad, watermelon, grilled
zucchini, onions, mushrooms, pound
cake w/ pudding & strawberries,
homemade rolls, corn on the cob

Monday: Chicken salad w/lettuce, tomatoes, feta
Potato salad, pound cake w/toppings
leftover rolls

Tuesday:tuna sandwiches on homemade
wheat bread, broccoli, chard, leftover

Wednesday: grilled cheese, 1 grilled tuna sandwich
w/ leftover tuna all on homemade
wheat bread, apples, tomato soup,
leftover pizza

Thursday: leftover tacos, grapes

Friday: Santa Fe Red's - default restaurant since
coupon didn't work at place we planned
All you can eat taco bar

Saturday: Pickle Barrel - Amy's choice after a long
morning of garage sales
cherries also for something healthy


Sunday: no dinner because we ate a late lunch.

Monday: spinach noodle casserole w/ parm. Cheese,
spaghetti sauce, chard, noodles, etc.
leftover potato broccoli soup,

Tuesday: homemade pizza w/ leftover grilled steak,
green peppers, onions,tomatoes, cheese,
side: corn on the cob & cantelope

Wednesday: hard tacos w/ leftover grilled steak, cheese,
lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, sour cream,
salsa, and watermelon on the side

Thursday: red beans & rice w/ leftover brats, onions,
peppers, garlic

Friday: leftover red beans & rice, cherries,

Saturday: fruit & corn - we were all full from lunch

My husband and I split 1 chili from Wendy's for a date so
we could go to a quiet place and talk

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