Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Panera Bread's Cream of Potato soup w/ a few changes

I found this recipe that the family liked, but I would make some changes if you decide to make it.  It has quite a kick to it, so start with half the amount of red and white pepper and then add more if you want it.  I smashed (I was going to say mashed, but then it would sound like I was making mashed potatoes) a lot of the potatoes because I like it thick.  Definitely add the bacon.  It makes a difference.  Hope you enjoy it!

I made this bread to go with it and I am hooked on the recipe.  I am trying it again but with half wheat and half white.  If it works, I may try all wheat.  One step at a time!  The video was interesting to watch.  It is always nice to see how to make it.

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