Friday, January 15, 2010

50 Dollars a Week Grocery Challenge

Here is the past week's update:

Fri.  Jan.  8     6.95
Sat. Jan. 10    6.94
Sun. Jan. 11   6.97
Mon. Jan. 12  6.97
Tues. Jan. 13  6.89
Wed. Jan. 14  6.93
Thurs. Jan. 15 6.88

Grand total for this past week:  $48.53
Grand total for first week:  $48.56
Total for 2 weeks: $97.09    Right on Target!

I am limiting my grocery spending to $50 per week, as well as figuring out how much we spend on each meal.  Since we do have a lot of food storage, I felt like it wasn't accurate to say that we only spend 50 dollars per week and then eat the food storage to compensate.  So, when we use storage items, the cost is added into the menu and when we buy groceries, the cost of the groceries we use is added into the menu.  That is how I am going to do it at least for the month of January.  I am getting used to figuring out what we can eat for around 7 dollars a day so it doesn't take too much time to figure it out.

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