Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Tums


I rarely use Tums, but the other day I needed one.  I had bought the Kroger store brand because they are rarely used, so I decided to save some money.  Wow, what a difference!  It tasted much worse, but it also didn't feel like it worked as well as the Tums have for me in the past.  So, I got rid of the store brand and I bought a very small package of the name brand, since they are used so infrequently.  I didn't get as much for my money, price per tablet, but I saved money because I bought a smaller package and I got exactly what I wanted.  I never would have used all of those other antacid pills anyway.  When trying to save money, many times we just focus on the best price and don't consider the other factors involved.  This time I made a better decision by purchasing the amount I need, the brand I like best and I saved money overall. If you are someone who uses Tums regularly, try the test for yourself and see what you think.  Please leave your comments below for all of us to benefit from.   

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