Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Ibotta - A Way to Save Money if You Have a Little Bit of Time and Buy the Things Anyway

I recently did a video on the "Eat for $10 per Week" series, and I was trying to figure out a way to maximize the food I got for what I paid.  I don't like to spend my time cutting coupons, etc. There is a lot of money to be made if you do, but that just isn't my thing.  I would rather eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast, then clip coupons to get cold cereal at a great price.  Anyway, I got a notice from Ibotta that my account hasn't been active for a while, and they start taking any earnings you have if you don't use it, so I looked to see what I could find.  Sometimes you just have to send in a receipt for credit, just for going shopping, so I figured it would be easy to keep it active.  I found some things that were great deals and I ended up making money off the things I got and had the meat, energy bars, plant based chicken nuggets, ice cream, yogurt, and gatorade all for free.  It sure helps when you are trying to eat for less.  For those of you who do coupon, you probably could have made more money than me.  I just did it the easy, simple way.  Normally I wouldn't have bought most of those things, or spent the extra 5 minutes in the store, but it is fun to try new things once in a while.  Sometimes they have bread or peanut butter or hand soap that I do use and buy regularly.  There were a lot more things I could have bought, but this isn't my way favorite of saving money.  I would rather grow a garden.  Some of you can't or don't have the desire to garden, so this may be for you.  

You pay for the items upfront, redeem by taking a picture of the receipt, and they deposit the money in your account or you can get a gift card after you reach $20.  A lot of the gift cards are places you would go anyway, like Walmart, for example, so you can just use the gift card for the next batch of stuff you want.  

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please use the link below, so I can get the referral bonus.  If you don't think this is something you want to do, thanks for reading this post and now you will at least know what it is for the future.  Have a great day!

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