Thursday, April 29, 2021

Wheat: The Basics of Red versus White

 Last week I made some rolls and some bread.  They didn't turn out like they usually do, and I wasn't sure what happened.  I ACTUALLY followed the recipe this time even.  A couple of days later, I realized what the difference was.  I had been using red wheat for pancakes and I usually use white wheat in my bread and rolls.  Some may think they are pretty much the same thing, but if you do a side by side test, you could tell that there is a difference in the taste as well as in the texture of the bread.  I really like the taste of both, but I use each kind in specific recipes that I cook.  White wheat will make a lighter loaf of bread, and when you are using 100% whole wheat, it is just more palatable.  I do like the taste of red wheat, and it is just fine to use in making wheat recipes, but expect a heavier version.  That bothers some people, but doesn't bother others.  Many of the bread recipes you find on the internet will call for white wheat.  I have never purchased soft wheat, which doesn't have as high of a protein content, because the hard wheat lasts forever and the soft wheat has a shorter shelf life.  Soft wheat is used more in cakes and pastries.

Do you like red or white wheat better?

What are some of your favorite wheat recipes?

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