Friday, January 1, 2021

Oatmeal: The Best Breakfast and the Lowest Cost

 I had oatmeal this morning.  I can't say that I love the texture of oatmeal, but I love not having to figure out what to make when I wake up and I like the fact that it is so good for me.  It doesn't have added sugars, coloring or preservatives like many boxed cereals have.  I can add fresh fruit and know that I am eating a healthy, cheap breakfast.  

Oatmeal is a great thing to have in a short term or long term food storage, especially if you are on a limited budget or have a large family.  You get a lot for the money you spend.  It is easy and fast to make:  just add twice as much water and heat.  You can even make it in the microwave if you don't want to get a pan dirty.  Sometimes we take oatmeal with us on a trip if we are staying in a hotel that doesn't have breakfast included.  It is great.  

Oatmeal takes less space in your cupboard as well.  If you live in a smaller condo or apartment and don't have a lot of cupboard space in the kitchen, oatmeal is a great thing to buy.  You will get more meals out of the cupboard space it requires than boxed cereals.  

Make oatmeal a part of your life.  It is cheap and healthy.  

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