Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Cooking With Food Storage: Scrambled Eggs with Peppers, Onions and Potatoes

 Today I decided to open up a couple of #10 food storage cans that we have had for a LONG time.  I opened some eggs, powdered milk, onions, dehydrated potatoes, freeze-dried green peppers and powdered chocolate milk.  I was going to make a quiche, but decided to scramble the eggs because I wasn't sure how excited I was to be eating this stuff.  My husband has had a much better attitude than I have.  

We first opened the freeze-dried green peppers.  They didn't look very green to me.  I wasn't willing to eat them so we did hydrate some and set them aside since my husband was willing to take a chance.

This is what the peppers looked like after hydrating.  Pretty gross in my mind.  There was a brownish liquid.  I decided to just make scrambled eggs at this point and wasn't going to use the green peppers.  If I buy freeze dried peppers again, I won't buy the Provident Pantry brand.  I am only using Thrive if I ever buy any freeze dried again.  

The dehydrated onions and potatoes were just fine.  I would definitely buy them again.  The potatoes needed a lot of salt.  

Then we opened some powdered eggs that were about 10 years old.  I was going to just throw them away.  I probably would have if my husband wasn't home.  He said he would try them if I didn't want to.  So, we mixed some up with some powdered milk.  I put some onions and potatoes in as well.  Once the eggs started cooking, they did have the texture of eggs.  My husband thought they were a little bit bland, but the texture was just fine.  After trying them, I would buy them again.  But, once again, I think I would get a better quality brand if I had the money to do so.  Bob's Red Mill also makes an egg replacer.  If I decided to purchase powdered eggs, I think I would start at the grocery store with what they have, and try them since they are much less expensive than the dehydrated or freeze-dried from stores who sell long term storage.

If you were food insecure, you would be grateful to have food.  It would be nice to have some variety in the food you store as well.  But, if you have the money to buy good quality long term food storage, I would definitely buy something like Thrive.  

Bottom line...if you store any type of food, long term or short term, make sure you know what it tastes like and if you and your family like it.  It isn't worth storing things you won't eat.  

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