Monday, December 28, 2020

New Year's Goals: Don't Wait Until January 1st to Decide

It has been a few weeks since I have written regularly. We have been helping my husband's parents in their move and have spent Christmas with family. We have been careful with COVID, and so far everyone has been safe. It will be nice when we can all get vacinnated and slow down the spread of COVID. I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. There are a few days left before the new year. Now is the time to think about what goals you want to make for the next year. Here are some things to help you succeed: 1. Make realistic goals. Small changes are more doable than big changes. If you have a lofty goal, break it up into parts and work on one part at a time. 2. Focus on fewer goals. It is easier to be more successful when you have less to focus on. There is nothing wrong with making just one goal if that is what you want to do. More goals doesn't make you a better person. 3. Consider making one goal at a time. Starting in January, work on one goal. Once you feel you have mastered it or developed the habit you are wanting, consider adding another goal. You don't have to make all of your goals and start them all in January. 4. If you mess up, don't give up. Start over the next day and keep going. We all mess up at times. That is just a part of life. One day or one week won't ruin your goal. Get back to it and keep going. Good luck to all of you as you ponder and figure out what you want to improve this next year.

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