Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Name Brand vs Store Brand: Canned Peaches

My kids were very excited to try so many kinds of canned peaches. Each would polish off a can on her own in minutes, so having 4 cans to share was an exciting dessert. We all agreed that Great Value was out least favorite, but the kids liked Del Monte best while I preferred the Polar brand. The Del Monte were firmer while the Polar were more similar to home-canned peaches I've had.

This is the price breakdown. There is a difference in this case between name and store brand but it's not significant enough that I'll stop buying Aldi peaches. 

BrandPriceAmount$ per oz
Del Monte$1.7615 oz$0.12
Great Value$1.1215 oz$0.07
Summer Harvest (Aldi)$1.0915 oz$0.07
Polar$2.2419.5 oz$0.11

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