Friday, October 23, 2020

October Health Challenge: Getting Easier to Say No

 I almost forgot to write today.  We have the best neighbors one could want.  This morning one of our neighbors texted and wondered if we would like some fudge that she made.  I have had her fudge before, and it is REALLY good.  But, because of the challenge, I could just say no.  It was nice because I didn't feel guilty about not taking it because people understand when you let them know you aren't eating sugar.  I also didn't have to be tempted knowing it was in the freezer or cupboard.  

I do miss making muffins once in a while.  After this month is over, I think I am going to make some, but use honey or pure maple syrup instead of the sugar.  When I make things with sugar in the future, I think I will just make small batches. This has been a great challenge to help just get me back on course and reassess my habits and make the changes necessary.  It really has been good and has kept me from eating Halloween candy too!  Save money, save calories and feel better.


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