Monday, September 28, 2020

$100 Dollar Christmas Challenge: Free Hotels

 I was making a reservation a couple of days ago and saw that Marriott is offering more bonus points for their credit card.  This one has NO annual fee and you only have to spend $1,000 in 3 months which isn't too hard considering we have to eat and pay bills.  If you don't have self control with a credit card, stop here.  But, if you do have self control and will use it wisely, this is something that contribute to having a fun, yet inexpensive Christmas.  In the past, Marriott has given me the points as soon as I finish the $1,000 dollars.  Some credit cards wait 3 months.  I don't know if they have changed, but I would probably try to spend it the first month so I can get the points in time for the holidays.  But, if you don't have the money to pay the bill in full, don't even think about spending anything.  You don't want to pay ANY interest or have any revolving charges.  I would definitely NOT encourage you to do this if you aren't in a position to pay in full as soon as the bill comes.  I wouldn't want to tempt someone to do something that would burden them for a very long time.  Just skip it instead.

If you have had one of these in the past two years, you aren't eligible for it again.  We usually don't ever do these crazy introductory offers unless we know for sure that we are planning on spending the money anyway.  They want to get you hooked, and you need to be wise enough to beat them at their game.

There are many Marriott hotels that are only 7,500 points, so if you get 50,000 points that is 6 nights.  Not bad for free!  Almost a whole week!  Next year we plan on doing another $100 Christmas and giving a hotel night to some family members as a gift.  Hope they aren't reading this now!  And, if you find a hotel with breakfast and a dinner meal or manager's reception, you have two of your three meals already paid for which saves even more money, especially when you have a big family.  Many even have free cookies as well.  Doesn't that sound good!  I feel like staying in a hotel with my family is a BIG treat.  

I don't get anything for sending you over to check out this offer, so there is no conflict of interest here.  Just trying to help others who are finding themselves short of money, yet want to have the best Christmas they can on the little they have.  

I hope to be doing more articles and videos about the $100 Christmas.  Once I get through the $3 Per day series that I am working on, then I can do it.  But, it is taking longer than I thought.    Maybe I will just get too excited and start the $100 Christmas series instead....

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