Monday, August 10, 2020

What I Would Buy This Week If I Only Had $10

 There are some great bargains this week.  If you had some extra cash, it would be a great time to stock up on some items at rock bottom prices.  

Food Club Peanut Butter: 88 cents at Town and Country or $1 Kroger Peanut Butter at Smiths

Cantaloupe or Pineapple:  $2. Sprouts

General Mills cereal $1.49 Smiths

Mushrooms, baby Carrots, Broccoli:  97 cents

Signature Pasta 50 cents/box 

Lucerne Cheese $1.69 Albertsons

Red Baron Pizza: $2.50 Town and Country

Chicken Drumsticks 99 cents per pound Albertsons

Eggs:  99 cents Rosauers

Bananas 39 cents Rosauers

Sandwich Bread:  79 cents Rosauers

Corn 6 for $1 at Smiths

Since we don't have some of the stores in our town, there are limited choices.  But, if you only had $10 to spend, you could do just fine.  Here is what I would buy if I only had 10 dollars to spend this week:

Eggs:99 cents

Bananas:  1 lbs at 39 cents/lb

Corn:  6 for $1 at Smiths

Peanut Butter:  88 cents

Bread:  79 cents

Pineapple or Cantaloupe:  $2

Carrots and Broccoli at 97 cents each

Cheese $1.69

If you bought these, you could have peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, Eggs and toast for Breakfast, etc.  I would eat 1/2 banana for breakfast each day with an egg or egg and toast.  

Frankly, if you are on such a tight budget, having potlucks or cooking with someone else would have some real benefits so you can have more variety.  For example, if you contributed bread and peanut butter, they could contribute jam and a fruit or veggie.  If you contributed eggs, they could contribute some link sausage.  If you contributed a box of cereal, they could contribute some milk, etc.  Or, you could buy enough food for two weeks or a month for yourself, instead of just buying a week at a time.  The best thing would be to have enough food stored in your pantry so that you could use your weekly money to just buy the groceries at rock bottom prices, or loss leaders as they call them.  You would get so much more food for your money this way, and you could stock up a little at a time.  

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