Monday, August 10, 2020

Add Variety to your Vegetables Day 10: Onions

 I made French Onion soup for today.  Luckily, I used garden veggies.  Apparently, some brands of onions had salmonella or we were told o just throw them away.  So, now may not be the best time to make this kind of soup if you live in Montana!

I have tried a few different recipes for French onion soup.  Most call for caramelized onions.  So what is the difference between an onion that you saute versus one that you caramelize?  Time.  That is basically what it comes down to.  It is also VERY easy to do.  When you caramelize an onion, you let it cook a lot longer in butter.  Because it cooks longer, the onion turns sweeter.  By cooking the onions on a lower heat, you don't burn the onion like you would on a higher heat.  Here is a short video on how to caramelize onions if you are interested.  It does make a difference in the taste of the soup.  

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