Wednesday, August 19, 2020

There is Always Enough of What You Really Need

 One thing my garden has taught me is that I am never tempted to eat too many veggies, no matter how good they taste.  For some reason, when you eat vegetables that are good for you, you can definitely get enough.  There are other things, though, that there never seems to be enough.  Cheddar Ruffles are one of my vices.  I can't buy them very often, if ever.  They have some chemical in them that makes me forget all sense of self control.  I just can't seem to get enough no matter how hard I try.  That is probably because they aren't good for me.  I bought some for a video I was making and I would be feeling better today if I just hadn't opened them.  One chip is all it takes and I am addicted.  

Of course picture was taken BEFORE I opened them.  I even had to ask my husband to hide them from me.  I have learned that it is best for me not to buy chips.  And, most of the time I do that now.  

Whether it is buying junk food or more stuff that we don't need just because it is a good price, it seems like we just can't get enough of the things we don't need.  Vegetables, on the other hand, are something that are really good for us and it is hard to eat too many.  Our bodies can get enough of the good things we need.  

I think I will go have a snack of green beans now that the chips are out of the house and hidden from me....

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