Thursday, August 20, 2020

Conquer Clutter: Use a Timer

 Yesterday was my day to clean the kitchen.  I broke up the work into smaller tasks and timed myself as I did each one.  

Different tasks:

Empty Dishes

Fill Dishes

Counter Tops


Sweep floor

Mop floor

Wipe down fridge

Take out trash

It was amazing how much work I got done and how little time it really took to do it.  I did a little task and then either went on to the next task or did something else I wanted or needed to do.  The whole kitchen took between 35-45minutes total. Wow, I felt like someone had given me extra time in the day.  I guess if you first identify your work, break it into tasks and then time yourself as you do them, they go very quickly.  No emotion, just get to work.  

Whether it is decluttering, cleaning, cooking, shopping, or whatever the task is, time yourself and see how much time it really takes.  I think you will be surprised, and in a good way.

I have heard it said that housework is 90 percent emotion and 10 percent work.  Considering most people don't enjoy it, you can understand why.  But, I think you will agree that when it is done, you are so glad you did it!  

So, try timing yourself and see how long it really takes to do something...

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