Thursday, August 6, 2020

Add Variety to your Veggies Day 6: Peas

The picture above is of some of our freshly picked garden peas.  It is fun to open up the pods and see how many peas each one has inside.  I definitely wouldn't put peas on my top 10 list of favorite veggies, but the recipe that I use them in hides their taste.  In fact, I can put frozen green beans or carrots from last year in this same recipe and everyone eats them without complaining.  It is a catch all recipe to use up veggies.  I personally am not a big fan or curry, but this recipe has tomato sauce in it and it really makes a difference for me so that I can handle it.  

In the above photo, I used carrots and green beans instead of peas, but the original recipe calls for peas.  I have also used garbanzo beans instead of chicken when we had an overabundance of garbanzos.  So, it is versatile as well as palatable!  Anyway, it is worth a try and a fantastic recipe to put a variety of veggies in.  

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