Friday, June 19, 2020

$10 Grocery Budget for the Week: Getting More For Your Money

Lately, I have showed what someone could buy with Walmart's prices.  In this post, I am going to show what I would buy if I shopped around this week and the difference between some of the prices I would get and Walmart prices.  Walmart does have good prices for many things, but you can get more for your money if you don't stick to just one store, unless they match the prices of other stores.  The difference may not seem like much, but if you are trying to spend $10 per week it can make a huge difference.  If you only buy sale items on a regular basis and freeze them or store them in your pantry, depending on the item, you could get about twice as much for your money. 

Strawberries:  99 cents
Walmart Price:  $1.76
Difference:  77 cents

Cottage Cheese:  88 cents
Walmart Price:  $1.77
Difference:  89 cents

Eggs:  99 cents
Walmart Price:  $1.30  (has gone down in the past month; they used to much higher)
Difference: 31 cents

Life Cold Cereal:  99 cents
Walmart Price:  $2.64
Difference: $1.65

Quaker Granola Bars:  99 cents
Walmart Price:  $2.98
Difference:  $1.99

Sliced Cheese 8 oz.:  $1.49
Walmart Price: $2.22
Difference:  73 cents

Grapes:  88 cents per pound
Walmart Price:  $1.92 per pound
Difference:  $1.04 per pound

It takes a little bit of time to build up a stockpile, but by doing so you can purchase things at rock bottom prices and eat much better for the same amount of money.  I would spend the bulk of my money each week just on the sale items, and then a few absolutely necessary items.  You may not be able to make well balanced meals ONLY from the items that week, but as you stockpile different foods each week, in a few months you will have extras of all sorts of food and be able to eat well balanced frugal meals.  Buy and eat what is on sale. 

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