Monday, May 18, 2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Day 12: Finishing the Kitchen Cupboards

It sure feels good to do some productive things during this time of uncertainty.  I went through the rest of the cupboards and cleaned them out.  I got rid of my old pressure cooker since I got an Instapot for Christmas.  I also got rid of a few things we don't use any more, but most important I was able to take everything out of each shelf and wipe down the shelves and put things back in an organized way.  I also cleaned the counters and floors.  I had a little bit more time today to work on this, and felt very motivated.  But, there are days when it is a struggle to just do one shelf or drawer!  What matters is that I am moving forward regardless of the pace.  I am going in the right direction.

One of the cupboards I did was the medicine cupboard.  When are kids were very young, we had a lot of different medicines, but now we rarely use any.  I used to go through the cupboard every 6 months and replace medicine that needed it.  Then it got to doing it once each year because we didn't go through much.  I am embarrassed to say that it has been probably 2 years or more since I have thoroughly gone through our medicine.  I got tired of replacing medicine that we never used because it was outdated.  This is the cupboard after I was finished:

And, this is the stuff I got rid of:

We had 4 packages of cough drops and we rarely even go through one package in a year.  We had some old multivitamins that looked brown and I think they are supposed to be some other color.  I really messed up on this shelf!  Oh well, it looks better now and everything is updated.  . 

How are you doing on your challenge?  Are you getting some shelves and drawers completed? 

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