Thursday, May 14, 2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Day 10: The Freezer

I have been avoiding the freezer for a while.  The past couple of months I have just shoved things in and everything was a mess.  I forgot to take a BEFORE picture, or you would see what I mean.  But, I did it a shelf at a time and it took about 30 minutes.  It is definitely better than before!  Maybe next time I will buy some bins so it looks nicer.  There were a few things that need to be used soon, but it wasn't too bad:

2 grated cheeses November 2019
1 butter September 2019, one butter January 2020
Yeast - 2017 - Yikes!!!  Because I haven't paid attention to this, I didn't look for the oldest one first when getting my yeast out of the freezer. 

Because everything was frozen, I am not worried about using them.  If the yeast doesn't work for bread, then I will replace it.  I honestly thought it would be worse than this, because I have ignored the freezer for a while. 

One thing that helped is that we made 4 batches of jelly on Monday with juice that we had frozen from last fall.  That cleared up half of a shelf.  I also made a large Rhubarb crisp with 8 cups of rhubarb.  Now that the rhubarb will be ready to harvest soon, I feel like I need to make sure that last year's rhubarb is used and gone. 

I put all of the meat on one shelf.  I also found "like" items and put them together if they weren't already. 

It is so nice that the freezer is finished and I know exactly what it is in it now!

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