Thursday, April 30, 2020

30 Days of Coronavirus Cleaning: A Chance to Remove the Clutter in Our Homes

We are living through a pandemic.  It has affected us all in different ways.  Some have died, some are grieving for loved ones who are gone.  Most are staying close to home.  If you are getting tired of wondering what the future holds, and not knowing how it will play out, focus on something you can control.  Why not start clearing the clutter from your home?  It gives you something to do to stay busy and keeps your mind off other things. This is also a way you can bless others by sharing the things in your home that have served their purpose. 

Most people have a linen closet.  That is a great place to start because it isn't a big area and there aren't too many sentimental things that make decisions difficult about what to keep and what to pass on.  Go shelf by shelf.  I will share my experience.  The top shelf of my linen closet has my tablecloths.  I started there and worked my way down.  I took all of the tablecloths  out of the closet and checked them for stains.  I got rid of the tablecloths that had stains that I couldn't get out.  I wiped down the shelf .  Then I folded and put back the ones I still want that were in good condition.

The second shelf in our linen closet had towels.  I counted how many towels we need in the house. I then took all of the towels in the closet out and got rid of stained or old towels that were threadbare.  I wiped down the shelf and then folded the rest of the towels and put them back, but only the amount we need.  How many towels do you need?  I kept two per bathroom that we always use, and eight extra so I have enough towels when some are in the washing or if we have company. 

My next shelf had sheets on it.  I took everything out and wiped down the shelf.  I divided the pillow cases from the sheets.  I then separated the sheets according to size.  I looked through each pile and if there were stains on the sheets, I got rid of them.  I arranged the pillow cases together on one side and the sheet sets (flat and fitted) according to size. I decided to keep one extra set for each bed in the house, so I will need to buy a couple more sheets.

The next shelf and the bottom of the closet are saved for blankets.  I decided how many I need to have in the house, and got rid of any extras.

Take note if there are things that need to be replace.  Write down the color and size you need.

This was a very easy project to do, but what matters is that I got started.  If you do an easy area first, you get positive reinforcement more quickly by seeing your success faster.

Getting started is the hardest thing, but once you do, you will see how having things neat and clean helps to have a good peaceful spirit in your home.

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