Sunday, December 17, 2017

Living Green One Step at a Time: Online Shopping

Online shopping is very convenient, but is it eco-friendly?

Recently I tried placing an order online to buy cleaning products and other household items.  I did it as an experiment.  It would have taken me less time to just go to the store and pick up exactly what I need because I know where to find every item.  I was surprised that it took as long as it did for me to order.  When I received the boxes, I was disappointed at the amount of packaging waste there was.  It was more convenient than going to the store, but the fact that it was not very earth friendly really bothered me to the extent that I decided not to do it any more for regular shopping in the future.  The packaging for my items was done poorly for most of them, and one cleaning product leaked and ruined other items.  What a mess.  So, think twice before you shop online.  It is more convenient in many cases, but is it really worth all the trash generated for you?  This is one way you can step in the right direction in trying to live green.

Check out this article about China Singles Day- the extreme of the damage that can be done with online shopping.

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