Thursday, August 4, 2016

$50 Weekly Challenge: Stocking Up

Last week, I planned to use the money for this week to stock up on some things.  Because of this, I froze half of the meals I made last week so I wouldn't have to worry about a lot of cooking or purchasing regular groceries this week.  We also have produce from the garden that we can use to make up the difference.  I can make pancakes, eggs, biscuits, bread, etc. as needed.

It is a really good idea to figure out how to make the most of loss leaders and stock up as much as you can.  It may not seem like you are making much of a dent at first, but over time you will see how you can eat much better on the money you have to spend.

This is what I bought for the week:

4.98  2 gallons of milk at 2.49 each that I will freeze for later
5.00  Grated cheese, 8 oz. - 5 at 1.00 per package
5.00  Chunk cheese 8 oz., - 5 at 1.00 per package
5.39  11 cans of beans at 49 cents each
4.77  Three packages of gourmet mustard for my husband
 .19  Red pepper flakes, bulk section
1.62  Boneless pork ribs
1.49  Avocado
10.0  Name brand Peanut butter at 1.00 each
1.89  Wholly Guacamole on sale
1.08  Bacon and ham at the salad bar
1.02  Greenhouse tomatoes
2.99 Ice cream that my husband bought
 .89  Potatoes
 .78  Bananas
1.00 Tomatoes
 .88  Cucumbers, 2 at 44 cents each

Total:  $48.97

I would have like to get more cheese and peanut butter, but I got what I could on my budget this week.  It is easy to go overboard wanting to get as much as possible, but it is also important to make sure you have produce, etc. for meals for the week.

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