Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Conquer Clutter: One Less Thing A Day In 2015

For the past couple of years, I have been getting rid of one thing a day.  I will keep doing that this year, until I have finished getting rid of everything that I don't want, need or use.  Things are pretty close right now, and when I am finished I will just adhere to the following rule:

When something comes in, something has to go out.

When you get rid of one thing each day, it is easy and doesn't take much time at all.  I first read about this idea from 365 less things, which is a great blog to motivate people to get rid of their clutter.  I also did a month long purge of 25 things a day before I started the one a day method.  By the end of the month, we were counting papers and nails, but I did it.  The purge got rid of most things, but it is easy to find things around that you don't need and don't fit and you don't want to dust.  The more stuff you get rid of, the easier it is.  If you get rid of things that are easy to let go of first, you find you are able to make better decisions for the things that are harder to get rid of.  The more you get rid of, the better you feel.  The better you feel, the more you want to get rid of.  Our files have always been organized, but now we keep only what we need.  Our house has never been very cluttered, but now dusting is easier as I have donated decorations, etc.  Our cupboards are more spacious after donating all but the basics.  Instead of two 9x13 pans, we only have one.  Instead of three pie pans, we have one.  I took all the kitchen tools out of our drawer and only put back the ones I use regularly.  Doing these things has helped to reduce housework.  I only wish I had this mindset and had done this when our kids were young.  I spent countless hours cleaning and cooking and could have saved the time and effort if I had just simplified.

It is the beginning of a new year.  Join me and simplify your life!  You will have more time to spend on the things that matter most.

2015 One Less Thing A Day


1.  Lunchbox
2.  Notebook filled with papers
3.  Picture
4.  Shirt
5.  Shirt
6.  Sweater
7.  Sweater
8.  Medicine Dropper
9.  Green Tupperware lid
10.  Blue Tupperware lid
11.  Columbia shirt
12.  Long sleeved men's dress shirt
13.  Jeans
14.  Cheesecloth
15.  1/2 bottle of Clorox
16.  Full bottle of Clorox
17.  Feather duster
18.  iPad cover
19.  Picture frame
20.  Piano book
21.  CD
22.  Sponge
23.  Laundry hamper
24.  Toothbrush
25.  Shoes
26.  Sock
27.  Sham
28.  Sham
29.  Comforter
30.  Dog Bed
31.  Blanket


1.  Blanket
2.  Sham
3.  Bed skirt
4.  Computer bag
5.  Shirt
6.  Sweater
7.  Sweater
8.  Swim suit
9.  Maroon dress
10.  Brown skirt
11.  Socks
12.  White dress
13.  Black floral dress & matching sweater
14.  Black sweater
15.  Blue shirt
16.  Another black sweater
17.  Sandals
18.  Black pants
19.  Black sweater with flowers
20.  Striped sweater
21.  Book
22.  Book
23.  Hat
24.  Hat
25.  Socks
26.  Food items
27.  Bucket
28.  Gate


1.  Pattern
2.  Material
3.  Coupon file
4.  Another coupon file
5.  Ribbon
6.  Framed Picture
7.  Thread
8.  Book Ends
9.  Griddle
10.  Large bowl and lid
11.  Small bowl and lid
12.  Personal care items
13.  Office supplies
14.  Material
15.  Socks
16.  Quilt batting
17.  Socks
18.  Video
19.  Skirt
20.  Video
21.  Socks
22.  Shorts
23.  Exercise Video
24.  Exercise Belt
25.  Another Exercise Video
26.  TV Antenna
27.  DVD
28.  Jeans
29.  Shorts
30.  Khaki Shorts
31.  Plastic frogs


1.  Fan
2.  Slinky
3.  Plastic airplane
4.  Beads
5.  Plastic dinosaurs
6,  Board game
7.  Card game
8.  Whistle
9.  Flower pen
10.  Wooden airplane
11.  Lei
12.  Shower curtain
13.  DVD
14.  DVD
15.  DVD
16.  Drum Sticks
17.  Marching sticks
18.  Real Easy Music Book
19.  Beatles Drum Book
20.  Sheets
21.  Drum method book
22.  Timpani Mallets
23.  Pencil holder
24.  Bathroom rugs
25.  Running shorts
26.  Shirt
27.  Socks
28.  Socks
29.  Underclothing
30.  Underclothing


1.  Food item
2.  Food item
3.  Underclothing
4.  Underclothing
5.  Underclothing
6.  Underclothing
7.  Underclothing
8.  Book
9.  Book
10.  Underclothing
11.  Underclothing
12.  Underclothing
13.  Underclothing
14.  Underclothing
15.  Underclothing
16.  Underclothing
17.  Underclothing
18.  Underclothing
19.  Containers
20.  Book
21.  Book
22.  Underclothing
23.  Underclothing
24.  Underclothing
25.  Lotion
26.  Contact case
27.  Dental hygiene items
28.  Electric razor
29.  Contacts
30.  Contact solution
31.  Hair Gel



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