Saturday, September 6, 2014

Simple Savings: Deck the Halls Debt Free

Christmas is a wonderful time.  We spend weeks and even months preparing Christmas.  The packages are opened so quickly and suddenly all that is left for some people is just credit card bills to pay for everything.  Make this Christmas one you can enjoy without having anything to pay for when it is all over.  By following some simple steps, you can enjoy your holiday and have it paid for. 
1.      Take a moment to think of what you bought last year.  Did you buy too much?  Were things broken or missing pieces within a short time? 
2.      Create a budget.  Decide what you can reasonably save before Christmas.  Put the money into a savings account or in an envelope in your drawer.  Use only that money for Christmas purchases.  Be sure to include gifts, meals, wrapping paper, travel, etc.  
3.      If Christmas shopping is stressful, set aside money from your monthly budget and buy things each month so you won’t have much to do in December. 
4.      Shop at garage sales in the summer if money is tight. 
5.      Make gifts from your kitchen.  Jam, for example is something you can make in the summer and just package in December.  Remember, the true meaning of Christmas is about giving from the heart and not just from the pocketbook. 
6.      Buy ingredients at Thanksgiving time when flour, butter, sugar and other baking items are priced very low. 

By careful planning and saving money now, you can have the money you need to buy things for Christmas and will be able to have a more enjoyable holiday knowing that it is already paid for.  You won’t have to deal with any credit card charges and interest for months after the holiday is over.

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