Friday, September 26, 2014

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $49.56

I spent most of my grocery this week stocking up the pantry.  Because we still have garden produce to eat, it makes it possible to spend a lot of my budget stocking up and we have just been eating simple meals.  It will be worth it.

Chicken  4.99
Crisco canola oil (4 bottles at 2.50 each)
Bananas  53 cents
Organic Popcorn  2.01
Pineapple  4.28
Lemons  2 at 79 cents each that were overcharged
Soy Sauce  2 for 99 cents
Avocado  99 cents
Oat bran  87 cents
Seasoning packages 2 at 25 cents each
Seasoning package that I was overcharged for 1.49 (I didn't notice this until I started this post!)
Eggs  1.00
Tillamook 2 pound cheese block  5.88
Bananas  96 cents
Cans of beans and vegetables at 50 cents each to make up the rest

Total:  $49.56

I noticed two different errors by looking at my receipts again while typing this post.  I should have been more attentive when I was checking out at the register!

How did you do this week?  Did you stay in your budget or get some good deals?  Link up and share!

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