Friday, February 14, 2014

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $48.72

It has been a while since I have posted my shopping trips. I find that when I do, I am much more careful about staying in my budget than if I don't. For those that are new, the following groceries aren't all we will be eating for the next week. I have eggs, fruit, veggies, meat, etc. from past weeks that we will eat. I also make my own bread. I won't use the whole 50 pound bag of flour this week. It will carry over for the next month or two. So, when you see a picture of groceries for the week, don't think that our food is limited to just what is in the picture for the week. I have cans, wheat, flour, sugar, etc. that has built up over time that I buy when the price is low and stock up. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or e-mail me at

 Unbleached, non-GMO flour 50 pounds 24.99
Lemon 44 cents
Organic bananas 1.37
Onion 27 cents
Hutterite 5 pound potatoes 3.49
Tillamook yogurt 3 at 59 cents each
Organic carrots 2 at 1.19 each
Organic Valley skim milk 4.89
Tomatoes 1.14
Hot house cucumbers 2 at 99 cents each
Gala apples 3.01
Organic romaine hearts 2.99
Grand total: $48.72
 How did you do this week? Did you stay in your budget or get some good deals? Link up and share!


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