Wednesday, December 4, 2013

$100 Christmas Challenge: Gifts

"There has only been one Christmas - the rest are just anniversaries.  "


On of the best memories of Christmas was the year we didn't exchange gifts.  We went on a trip as a family and had a great time.  The kids still talk about it.  After that year, I found I didn't really want to go back to exchanging gifts.  I have been trying to remove everything in our home that we don't use, love or need.   I don't want to clutter up other people's homes either.  Add to that the concern for our environment, with all the extra trash that is generated at the holidays.  One of the best "gifts" we have received are letters telling us of service that the members of our family have done for others with the money they would have spent on a gift for us.  They don't even have to spend money to do the service.  They can do whatever they want.  I wouldn't trade reading these for sweaters, games or anything else.  We celebrate the birth of Christ, and I believe the greatest gift we can give to him on his birthday is to do what he would do and serve others.  Including service in our Christmas plans shows kids the importance of giving and not just focusing on themselves and what they will get.  

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