Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simple Savings: Buy Candy after the Holiday

Now that Halloween is over, stores are discounting their Halloween candy to get rid of it before the next holiday comes around.  If you aren't just sick of candy by now, it is a good time to stock up.  Places like CVS have great deals and if you add a coupon to that you can get candy close to free.

What do you do with Halloween candy after the holiday?  Let me give you some suggestions:

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Make peanut butter kiss cookies for Christmas with Hershey's chocolate kisses.  You have to peel the wrapper off anyway, so no one will know if your chocolate kisses are from Halloween or not.  I put the extra candy in the freezer to keep it fresher and out of the hands of children.

Make cute edible Christmas ornaments like these reindeer, for example.  Google edible Christmas ornaments and see all the choices you have.  You can figure out what you want to make BEFORE buying the candy so you won't waste money even though it is a great deal, or you can just get the candy and be creative.

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Chop up Reese's peanut butter cups and put them in peanut butter cookies.  You can also put them on top of the cookie like you do with the Hershey's kisses.

Donate the extra candy to the food bank to share with others that are less fortunate than you.

Use some of the candy when making gingerbread houses for Christmas.

One last idea:  If you buy Christmas candy after Christmas, you can use the red wrapped candy for Valentine's day and the green wrapped candy for St. Patrick's day.

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