Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Deep Cleaning - Take It Out, Clean It Up and Put It Back

I worked on the laundry room today.  I took everything out of the cupboards, wiped down all the shelves and put things back.  I even found two things I didn't need:  one was a duplicate of something I already had and the other was something I didn't need any more.  I cleaned the washer and dryer and the floor in that room and also washed the rugs. 

When doing deep cleaning, it is good to take everything out before you wipe off shelves, cupboards and drawers.  After  they are wiped down, go through the things you took out and see what the expiration dates are, ask yourself if you really use it any more or if you even like it.  Maybe you have multiple items of the same thing.  Maybe something doesn't fit you any more.  Maybe it isn't your style or the colors don't fit in your home now.  Put back only what you want and donate or resell the rest. 

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