Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easiest Homemade Yogurt on the Planet

As part of the October Pre-Holiday declutter, I am going through my recipes and weeding through them:  time to get rid of some that have too many ingredients, recipes that haven't been made yet, recipes that have too much fat in them, or recipes that take too long to make.

This is a recipe that I have wanted to make for a long time.  It was demonstrated in a class years ago.  I thought someone else might also be motivated to make some homemade yogurt.


Food Thermometer
Canning jars or whatever water tight jars you like
Wire whisk
Mixing bowl
1 2/3 c. powdered milk
Warm water
1/4 c. plain yogurt


Run water in tap until water reaches 120 degrees. (use food thermometer)  When temp. is reached, fill a cooler to use for a bath with 120 degree water.

While water is still running, measure out 4 cups of 120 degree water into a mixing bowl and add 1 2/3 cup dry milk.  Whisk together until blended.  Add 1/4 cup plain yogurt (your starter yogurt) and whisk together.

Fill up the jars with the mixture and put in water bath. (cooler)

Let sit for 8-16 hours, checking it to make sure the water is always warm.  If it gets too cool, dump it out and fill up the cooler with warm water.

Store in refrigerator when yogurt is set and done.

When the yogurt is done, you can 1/4 cup of the yogurt you just made to start your next batch.

You can add whatever flavors, berries, nuts, coconut, jams or sweeteners you would like to your yogurt when you eat it.

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