Saturday, October 26, 2013

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $49.99

Town and Country:

Macintosh apples  2.92
Bulk Red potatoes  1.97
Empire apples  4.17
Romaine lettuce  99 cents
Organic bananas  1.11
Tomatoes  1.56
Avocado  1.25

Total:  14.07


Bulk popcorn  1.38
Bulk oats  44 cents
Bulk organic chocolate chips  3.50
Bulk maple syrup 7.91  (won't ever buy this again!  It was only about a cup of syrup)
Credit for bags and containers  60 cents

Total:  12.73

I am trying to buy things with less packaging by bringing my own containers, but the Co-op is too expensive.  There are other stores in town that have bulk food for less.  The selection just isn't quite as good for liquid items.

Town and Country

Bulk walnuts  2.10
Hutterite Yukon gold potatoes 10#  2 at 1.99 each
Organic Valley 6 pk eggs.  2.69
Local farm eggs 3.99
Tilamook yogurt  6 at 59 cents each
Florida Natural Orange juice  2.50
Nancy's Organic plain yogurt  4.39

Total  21.20

Trying to buy things without packaging is really frustrating.  So, I am trying to avoid packaging if I can.  If I can't avoid it, I am trying to find things with packaging I can recycle.  The only thing I got that doesn't fit in these categories is the orange juice, but it was $1.50 less than any other ones.  I caved and bought it this time.

Grand total:  $49.99

How did you do this week?  Did you stay in your budget or get any good deals?  Link up and share!

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