Monday, September 2, 2013

Living Green: Is There Lead In Your Toys?

I recently purchased a used toy.  I washed it before using and some of the paint came off on the towel as I dried it.  I got online and looked to see if there were any recalls on the product.  As I searched, I was surprised to see how many kid's toys contain PVC or Lead.  I checked to see if the toy was made in China.  I should have checked before purchasing, but didn't even think of it.  I noticed that several of the Thomas Trains had lead paint in them.  I noticed a lot of other toys that had the same problem.  One of our favorite toys, Legos, were some of the safest toys.

Too many times we buy something without thinking about how the toy is made and where it is made and what it is made of.  One step in trying to live a green life is to decrease the toxins in your environment.  I never thought that toys would be a problem.  I assumed that manufacturers would only make safe toys for kids.  It isn't true.  Before buying toys, check online and see if there have been any recalls on the item.  See where the item was made.  If it was made in China, I would suggest that you think twice before buying it. is another place to search if the toys you have contain lead.  One thing I read said that 1/3 of the toys on the market have lead in them.  Wow!  Maybe I should stick to gift cards!

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