Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Make Time For Yourself

What does making time for yourself have to do with conquering clutter?  Just like acquiring too many things, many times we schedule too many things to do in a day.  For example, this morning the alarm went off at 5 and the chaos began:  make breakfast, make lunches, empty the dishes, fill the dishes, prepare dinner and put it in the crock pot to cook, take people to work or school.  You know the drill.  It is easy to just continue throughout the day with all your responsibilities.  When you get ready for bed, you realize that you didn't exercise, take time to meditate or ponder about what was the most important things to do and figure out ways to cut out the unnecessary things.  Instead of taking the kids to the park, you may have spent the time doing something else that may have not needed to be done or take as long as it did.  By taking time for yourself in the morning to exercise, you feel better the rest of the day.  By taking time to think about what needs to be done, you can figure out a way to work things out so you can MAKE time to ENJOY spending time with the kids.  If we don't take the time to think ahead, we can just go through the day feeling like life is controlling us instead of the other way around.  By doing something to fill your own bucket in the morning, you have more energy to give to others in the day.  This morning was a good example of that.  A friend and I are taking a meal to another friend who is moving.  I was going to make homemade tortillas for them which would take about an hour.  As I contemplated what I was going to do today, I realized that I hadn't exercised for a few days.  It just doesn't happen unless I MAKE it happen.  So, instead of making tortillas, I decided to buy them at the store on my way home from taking my husband to work.  I spent one dollar more than I would have if I had made them.  It took me less than 5 minutes to go into the store and buy them instead of the hour it would have taken to make them.  I went on a walk this morning before the heat of the day and enjoyed being outside very much.  I had time to think and ponder about the rest of my day and figure out the best way to do things where I felt like I was in control.  I feel better from exercising and it really doesn't matter whether the tortillas were homemade or store bought.  I am so glad I made the decision I did and it will help me to have a better day because I feel better after taking time for myself exercising and thinking about the day ahead.  It is a chance to slow down and figure out what really matters.  If you don't MAKE the time, it doesn't always happen.  If you haven't today, then start tomorrow and take time for yourself in the morning.  It will be well worth the time.

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